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Stag Antler


The majestic stag standing proud and strong amounts the hills of Scotland is one of the most commonly associated symbols of Scotland. The mighty stag epitomises power, nobility, freedom and purity and for this reason is a popular motif found on many Scottish clan crests.

Averaging at an impressive 2metres tall the stage is one creature you don’t want to mess with. Although generally a docile and peaceful creatures, during the rutting season a stag with its monumental antlers will quiet happily show us humans who’s the boss.

Stage antlers are the fastest growing animal tissue known in the world and each year the stag grows antlers in the spring then naturally sheds them come winter. Making a day out ‘antler hunting’ a fun past time for the keen eyed rambler.

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“The more I see of deer, the more I admire them as mountaineers. They make their way into the heart of the roughest solitudes with smooth reserve of strength, through dense belts of brush and forest encumbered with fallen trees and boulder piles, across canons, roaring streams, and snow-fields, ever showing forth beauty and courage.” – John Muir


  • Glass caddy with wee carved piece of Antler which was found after it being shed by a Red Deer Stag between Glencoe and Braemar. (bottle measuring 6cm x 3cm)
  • Securely enclosed by air tight, lazer engraved, wooden stopper.
  • Each caddy comes in a luxury cotton gift bag and is accompanied by an Information card with historic, honourable, heartfelt and humorous facts.


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