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Scottish oats are whole oat groats which have been simply harvested in August, cleaned and the oat berry removed from its inedible outer husk. Scottish oat groats are not steamed, rolled or cut like other types of oats, but rather ground.

Oat Groats remain the healthiest way to enjoy oats in your diet because they’re the purest form of the whole oat you can eat. Oat groats can be used in breakfast bowls, mixed with fresh fruits and sweet spreads, added to salads, or savoury dishes, but it’s fair to say the humble bowl of Porridge is what we picture first when talking about Scottish oats.

Scottish parritch (porridge) is synonymous with our country and has been for many a century. Since late medieval times oats have been part of the Scot’s staple diet.

With its many traditions and superstitions Scottish porridge should be made stirred with a wooden stick (known a Spurtle).  In times gone by oat groats would be made into porridge cooked up in a big pot, stirred with a spurtle then poured into ‘drawers’ and allowed to cool, then sliced so it could be eaten throughout the day.  It could be said it was the Scots who invented the first ever take away meal! If you disagree ‘save yer breath tae cool yer parritch’ (hold your tongue or simply say nothing)

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“Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.” – Samual Johnson

“If one intends to make beer from oats, it is prepared with hops”. Hildegard of Bingen


  • Glass caddy with oat groats and raw oats from Scotland. (bottle measuring 6cm x 3cm)
  • Securely enclosed by air tight, lazer engraved, wooden stopper.
  • Each caddy comes in a luxury cotton gift bag and is accompanied by an Information card with historic, honourable, heartfelt and humorous facts.


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