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Glasgow Cone


An unusual but light hearted addition to your Wee Piece of Scotland collection. Scottish people, have their one of a kind sense of humour.  Edinburgh has the Castle and Glasgow has a statue with a traffic cone on its head directly outside the Gallery of Modern Art.   For over 140 years the statue of the Duke of Wellingstone  was just another statue. Until one evening in 1980’s, a traffic cone mysteriously appeared on top of his head. Despite continuous  efforts to remove the cone by the local Council, the cone has remained in place for over 30 years. If the cone is removed it’s only a matter of days until a new one appears.

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“Be happy while ye’r living, fur ye’r a lang time deid” – Scottish Proverb

‘Never trust a man, who left alone with a tea cosy… doesn’t try it on.’  – Billy Connely

Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart. ~ Mort Walker


  • Glass caddy with miniature traffic cone replica. (bottle measuring 6cm x 3cm)
  • Securely enclosed by air tight, lazer engraved, wooden stopper.
  • Each caddy comes in a luxury cotton gift bag and is accompanied by an Information card with historic, honourable, heartfelt and humorous facts.



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