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Growing freely be it high up on the moorlands or down to the sea cliffs, heather is a sturdy wee ever green tree whose delicate flowers bloom twice a year where the delicate purple flower love to dance in the wind. ‘Haeddre’, ‘Heddir’ or ‘Hathar’ as it was called in times gone casts a  glorious purple hue as far as the eye can see.   Not just a pretty face on the landscape heather is used  in medicines, teas, roof thatching, honey production,scents, jewellery, beers and so much more.  Plain and simply put, the much loved heather is ‘Braw’ (excellent)

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‘She’s as sweet as the heather, the bonnie, bloomin’ heather’  – Sir Harry Lauder

‘Heather is it a hardy shrub, which rejoices when the wild winds course along’William Morley Punshon

Only as a patch of hillside may be a cliché corner to a fool who cries ‘Nothing but heather!’ – Andrew Carnigie

To mountain spring. To river flows. Where the Heather and the Thistle grows. SCOTLAND Where my heart will always be – Scottish saying


  • Glass caddy with hand cut and dried – Scottish ‘Ling’ heather .(bottle measuring 6cm x 3cm)
  • Securely enclosed by air tight, lazer engraved, wooden stopper.
  • Each caddy comes in a luxury cotton gift bag and is accompanied by an Information card with historic, honourable, heartfelt and humorous facts.


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