Sometimes its the Wee things
.....that matter most.

Wee Pieces to make your heart sing

Imagine holding a wee piece of Scotland in your hand with an informaton card that is full of some well known and unusual facts.   A genuine keepsake from the land of the brave full of heart, honour and humour.  A Wee Piece that proves that 

“Guid things comes in Sma’ bulk.”

( Good things come in small sizes” )

What is a Wee Piece

A Wee Piece of Scotland is a Fife, Scotland based small business that package small momentos from the wonderful country that is Scotland.we  From the beautiful weed ( Thistle ) to bits of larch wood ( from a Caber ) there will be a wee piece that will sing to your Scottish pride.

How A Wee Piece of Scotland Works

Step 1

We Collect

We have a list of wee treasures that we collect through the year.  

Step 2


Most of our items would of been classed as waste or surplus to requirements.  We take time to turn them into a wee gem. 

Step 3


We secure the wee piece in one of our 3 x 1 inch bottles and add them to our presnetation box alongside our information sheet on the item – which is great in itself 🙂

20201229_115914 (1)
Step 4


Our presentation box gets packed and shipped ( globally ) via Royal Mail.

Step 6


Our wee piece plus the information sheet brings a wee piece of Scotland to you.  The back of each box also has a password which takes you to pages with more information and occassional wee piece extras.  

Awee Piece of History, Honour and Heart

Guid gear comes in Sma bulk ( Good gear comes in small sizes )

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Genuine Scottish gift


Turning waste into treasure


Fun momemto from Caledonia


Global shipping options

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